Meet Makenzie

Hey friends!  It's been awhile since I've introduced myself... and with all the recent followers, and tonight being the last night of my time off, why not?! My name is Makenzie Hollar and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer from Bakersfield, California! I have an obsession with traveling with my husband, William, and meeting people that love Jesus. I love hearing about other's dreams.. the big scary ones you'll never think could come true. Im a big advocate for inner beauty and absolutely adore my senior reps! I'm a big fan of huge fluffy blankets on my couch with a plethora of hot tea in my hand and Chip and Jo on in the background. 

Here are a few things I've learned this year and a few other things I'm still learning... this year I've learned what it means to be present. To sit and unplug while with people, to listen to their heart, and recognize the difference between a person and the person's pain. I've also learned that dreams come true, especially when you specifically share with the Lord your desires. I've learned that being a wife is much more time consuming than others may think, but marriage teaches us a lot about ourselves and we are constantly refining and fine tuning how to love others by learning how to love our spouses! 

What am I continually learning? I'm learning to give myself grace. I'm learning to not be hard on myself. I'm learning to make time for myself. I'm learning that my business doesn't fall apart when I put a vacation responder on, can I get an amen?!  I'm constantly learning the meaning of grace... the meaning of contentment... and self worth. I am not defined by my success, my failures, or my purchases... I am defined by Christ. And that is enough! Anyone else out there?! Happy Monday my friends! #MakenzieWithAK